The requirement:
Panopticon is a Swedish-based supplier of business intelligence visualisation technology, predominantly to the global financial markets. When we were initially engaged by the client the concept of using visualisation technology to interpret vast amounts of static and streaming data was very much in the early adopter stage and was largely an alien concept in the banking world. Much of the target media had little or no understanding of the applications or the power of visualisation.

The results:
We conducted a number of intensive one-to-one briefings with the broad financial markets and mainstream press, educating the media on the concept and value of visualisation and driving home the huge advantages that visualising large quantities of data has over displaying it in spreadsheets. The result was a positive understanding and good ongoing coverage in the press which helped to build a growing awareness and understanding of visualisation technology. Panopticon’s raised profile became an integral part of the sales process and contributed to increased knowledge and understanding of visualisation technology in the markets; it also led to an increase in sales enquiries.


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