Cleartrade Exchange

The requirement:
In January 2011 Moonlight Media began working on an innovative B2B social media campaign for Cleartrade Exchange (CLTX), a newly-formed company with an innovative approach to Over-the-Counter (OTC) trading technology. CLTX’s product is an online platform which allows principals to trade OTC derivatives electronically.

Moonlight's brief was to build CLTX’s digital profile to create and grow the firm’s visibility among its target audience and drive awareness of the company’s services, solutions and products. In short, build brand awareness and position CLTX as an integral player in the OTC discussion.

The results:
Having witnessed the success of social media in B2C campaigns, Moonlight was one of the first PR agencies to recognise there was significant potential for social media channels to be used effectively in a very specialised and conservative B2B market. We believed this could only be achieved by focusing on the quality of the content and attracting a high-calibre audience, rather than using a mass-targeting approach which often suits B2C campaigns. Moonlight began to develop a social media campaign for CLTX which would engage a prestigious, niche, hard-to-reach business audience, offering high-quality information and content which would stimulate on-going engagement online.

Recognising that the key to social media success in a B2B context would be a highly-targeted approach in terms of content and audience, Moonlight chose to focus on creating social media communities on key channels, distinguished by the quality/exclusivity of their membership rather than sheer numbers. In addition, the membership would be stimulated by engaging, original content which would be shared among the group.

The campaign is ongoing and is very successful in the long-term engagement of a high-quality audience of senior influencers in public and private spheres. Notably, high proportions of C-level members joined CLTX’s social channels, as well as several public figures and key journalists.

The reaction to the success of the social media campaign from a senior executive at CLTX was: "When we first started our social media campaign I was very sceptical, but I now see the CLTX Twitter stream as an indispensable source of industry news and information."


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