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The requirement:
In the light of recent environmental disasters such as the BP Deepwater horizon oil spill, Barchester Green had been experiencing increased demand from investors for opportunities to invest in ethical and environmentally responsible investment funds. As a founder member of the EIA and the

UKSIF, the firm recognised the opportunity to address increased investor demand and wanted to highlight its ethical investment expertise and credentials to a broad audience of investors. Recognising the media as a key channel to reach potential investors, the firm turned to Moonlight Media for its advice on convincing hard-to-reach personal finance editors to write about ethical investment.


The results:
Appreciating the media’s appetite for new research and the upward trend for stories on sustainability and the environment, Moonlight Media recommended a media relations campaign based on the launch of a list of Barchester Green’s new “Heroes and Villains”among ethical and environmental funds.

In order to reach the broadest possible audience of potential investors, the media relations campaign focused on national as well as financial trade media. A mix of individual media briefings, both in person and over the phone, reinforced information distributed via a press release announcing the “Heroes and Villains”list, which was drafted by Moonlight Media.

Importantly, during the course of the campaign and following coverage in The Guardian, M&S dropped BP from its list of investments and more recently Zurich’s Environmental Opportunities Fund, which was previously named as one of the "villains", had changed its name to the Zurich UK Opportunities Fund, thereby making the nature of its holdings clear to investors.

With increased awareness and a heightened association with ethical investment issues, Barchester Green is now well positioned to benefit from future investor demand for socially responsible and ethical funds.


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