Anvil Software

The requirement:
Anvil Software is a global supplier of front and middle-office software systems and consultancy for treasury, trading and asset management operations. The company was disillusioned with its previous experience of PR agencies and the high cost versus the negligible returns on their investment. The company was understandably wary of trying out yet another PR firm, but remained convinced that a good PR campaign was a vital component in growing their business in European and North American markets.

The results:
To raise Anvil’s profile in the target media we worked with the client to refine and focus their messages, specifically Anvil’s successful products and happy clients, the development and support teams’ market knowledge and product expertise (which was highly valued by clients) and Anvil’s unusual approach to product development. We developed a two-point campaign focused on the issues driving the market and Anvil’s unique and successful style of product development and client relationships. The results were a significant and positive improvement to their market profile and a clear differentiation in the target media. We were told by Anvil that our work for them had completely changed their perception of PR and we had produced the best example of PR (and marketing) for them they had ever seen.


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