Corporate Social Responsibility

We don’t just advise our clients on CSR, we have an active and diverse programme of initiatives where we use our skills to assist others.

Whether it is implementing the PR and social media strategy for the PR Guild, mentoring CASS and City University students or helping a multi-faith, multi-ethnic jazz band, we are passionate about making a real difference to individuals and organisations which would not ordinarily have access to our services.

In all other areas of our business we strive to take the most environmentally aware and ethical approach possible.

The Guild of Public Relations Practitioners

The City of London Guild of Public Relations Practitioners was formed in June 2000, with the same aims which have inspired Livery Companies over the centuries: to promote and maintain excellence in the practice of the PR profession; to support education and training of practitioners; and to build charitable funds through which the public relations profession can give back to the communities it serves.

The Guild is keen to raise its profile and wished to use the new mediums of Social Media as a significant part of this campaign. Recognising Moonlight as an early advocate of Social Media for this purpose, the Guild asked Moonlight’s directors, both Freemen of the Guild, if they could help.  We have been instrumental in setting up the Guild’s social media accounts and creating and maintaining a regular online presence for it. We are immensely proud to have been asked by the Guild to take on the job of implementing both its traditional Public Relations and Social Media policy. 

Emerge Poverty Free

Emerge Poverty Free is a charity which helps fight poverty through specific, targeted projects, all aimed at empowering people. The charity supports primary and secondary education and vocational training and runs very successful projects in several countries across sub-Saharan Africa, providing the tools for people to help themselves.

We have been working with the charity since 2011, advising on strategic PR and brand differentiation. We also give feedback and ideas for their social media strategy, as this is an excellent avenue for audience engagement.

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For the last few years we’ve been working with Berakah, a multi-faith band. The band was created specifically for promoting understanding and communication between different faiths. The musicians are Jewish, Muslim and Christian; Pakistani-born Mohammed Nazam is the driving force behind the band. At a time when the positive is very much needed Berakah is doing a fantastic job helping to bridge and heal the tensions between faiths and cultures through music.

We help raise the profile of Berakah and promote them in the press in the run-up to their concerts. We’ve been to several of these, which are brilliant: they’re a great band and the atmosphere at their concerts is fantastic!

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City University and CASS mentoring

Most of us have left university thinking the “world is our oyster” and that employers are “waiting for us with open arms”. Yet in actual fact the professional world is vastly different to what we imagine it to be when still studying for our degree. The reality is that, talented and intelligent though one might be, the current market is only interested in whether graduates have transferable skills, which would make them employable.

City University runs a very succesful mentoring program which we at Moonlight participate in every year. The key to being a mentor is building a relationship with your mentee which allows you to provide the support and encouragement they need to maximise their potential and gain confidence.

Every year more and more Moonlighters join this fantastic program. Click here to read more about the great work City University does.

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